The plottings of Winnie the Pooch

I love photography for its ability to capture the ordinary moments in life. Last night Mark and I were playing chess. We had a fire going and the dogs were lounging happily at our feet. It was about as cozy as it gets on a winter’s night.

For anyone who knows Winnie the Pooch (or vizslas in general), you will not be surprised to hear that soon into our game, Winnie began his slow creep onto my chair. Vizslas are nicknamed “velcro dogs” for a reason–they want to be as physically close to you at all times as possible and preferable snuggle up in the warmest, softest spot they can find.

So Winnie slowly, methodically starts climbing up the side of my chair and wedges himself behind my back. Perhaps he is convinced that I won’t notice since I have my back to him. As he settles and stretches, I find myself with less and less room on the chair until I am balancing precariously on the very edge of it.

To complete his position of total comfort, Winnie rests his head on the arm of the chair, as if to observe from close-up the action on the chess board. At this point I’ve pretty much been ousted from my chair and decide to move to the floor. Yup, I can’t help myself. This dog has me wrapped around his little doggy finger (wait, he doesn’t have fingers). Anyway, I decided to take a photo to capture this delicious moment in my domestic life.

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