Wintry Cape Cod

My dog, Winnie the Pooch, explores the icy landscape at Linnell Landing Beach in Brewster, MA.

Most people visit Cape Cod in the summer when the world is green and bursting with life, the beaches are colorfully peopled and the roads are jammed with traffic. In the winter, Cape Cod is a very different place. While the short, cold days can be challenging, there are moments of exquisite beauty when the landscape becomes a completely new canvas. When it snows, of course, the transformation is complete. I love snow for its ability to turn our everyday world into a magical space full of curves and softness. The dirt and grit disappears and a monochromatic dreamscape replaces it.

As photographers, part of our job is to show people the world in a way they haven’t seen it before–whether it’s an unusual angle, juxtaposition of subjects or a moment frozen in a way we don’t usually experience it. For me, winter does exactly that–shows me the world newly imagined. Below are a few of my images showing Cape Cod in a way perhaps some have not seen it.

Big Cliff Pond is transformed by a snowstorm in Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA.

Snow, ice and water cover the parking lot during a recent winter storm at Rock Harbor in Orleans, MA.

A couple walks on Lighthouse Beach after a snowstorm in Chatham, MA.

A stop sign is almost completely covered in snow after a recent snowstorm in Brewster, MA.

Kite surfer, Dan Hyney, of Harwich, MA flies a trainer kite on a cold winter day at Linnell Landing Beach in Brewster, MA.

Winnie the Pooch chases a local snowmobiler during a recent snowstorm in Brewster, MA.

An overgrown cranberry bog is transformed after a snowstorm in Brewster, MA.

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